Response to Invitation by the Artist Lee Ming - Sheng for the work entitled "More Than A Sketch And An Image" Title of Response: " Let I = The Avatar M. River (AKA More Than a Construct And A Body)"
Question One: " When were you Born?"

I was born at the end of the 20th century (in the European catholic tradition of time) and I have lived long enough to have seen the beginning of the 21st. I was told that I should write about 4,000 words on my life so perhaps I should elaborate a little about this time. In order to give you some of my perceptions of that time, here are things that happened around the moment of my birth.

1. America was at war.
2. Pop Art was made.
3. The television was on.
4. Capitalism was in full swing.
5. People drove gasoline powered cars
6. Some one fell in love.
7. Rock and Roll was on the radio.
8. A man walked on the moon.
9. Communism was in full swing.
10. The Internet was born.

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