New Art To Old (NATO) , 2003

Within a few weeks or so in the Winter of 2003, three strange things happened...

1. T. Whid got a new digital camera
2. MTAA started a Blog.
3. MTAA got invited to a bunch of media related art parties.

Eyebeam's Party
Rhizome's Party
Thing's Party
Barney's Party
Upgrade's Party

You might ask - . "Okay, nice pictures and nice Blog, but is it art?"
Well, according to T.Whid, no.
Although now with our New Art To Old (NATO) offer, it could be.

Here is the offer:

1. Pick an image off of the MTAA Society Pages.
2. Send us a check for 500 USDs. and the name of the image you want
- just email me and I'll send you my address
3. MTAA will make a you a 20 x 24 inch acrylic on canvass based on the image.

Note: 1. Only one painting per image will be made. 2. This is a limited time site unseen offer but trust us, we are very good painters. 3. The painting will be done by either M.River, T.Whid, or M.River and T. Whid. 4. It will take us a month or so once we get your money to mail the painting to you.

So, that is our NATO offer. Order now before we wise up and change our minds.