Response to Invitation by the Artist Lee Ming - Sheng for the work entitled "More Than A Sketch And An Image"

Title of Response: " Let I = The Avatar M. River (AKA More Than a Construct And A Body)"
Six: What difficulties have you encountered in your life, and how did you deal with those challenges? Give one or two examples.

Well, for the most part, I have no difficulties in my life. I am alive and I do what I want. I do have areas in my life that I need to navigate. Here is my example of one of these areas and how I cope with it.

1. I am a primarily a verbal indenity. What I am is created with language.

2. The mind that spans me is dsylexic. This mind confuses word, symbols, and meanings.

3. My will created me word by word. This mind makes its physical body type me into a computer.

4. The computer translates the body's physical taping on a key board into digital information.

5. The digital information is then assembled into a structure. This first structure used is the Mac OS program called simple text.

6. The dyslexic mind outside the computer, in order to better understand what has been written, uses the text to speech function of this program to have the computer audibly read the text back to it. So you might say that my first beta introduction into the physical world is in the form of a sound wave.

7. After the text of this document is in a rough state, I will be exported into a more complex word processing program. I will be spell checked and groomed.

8. I will then be sent to Taiwan over the internet in the form of email.

9. Back in America, the mind that spawns me will print me out onto paper. This paper, the document you are now reading will then be given to another person to "proof". They will make marks by hand correcting what needs to be corrected. They will say to the mind that spawned me, "Hey, what is this word here?...What do you mean by this part here?....I think this could be rephrased a bit..." This hand corrected document will then be sent by Fed Ex to Taiwan to become a part of Lee Ming - Sheng's artwork.

10. This final document may make its way back onto the net as part of a webiste.

Well, that's about all. This is how I am. Is it a difficult to be like this? Is it a challenge? Has anything been overcome?

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