General Disclaimer: The following is an ART DATE involving two fictional voices...

July 4th, 2000

mriver102: Okay CM, here we go...set up notes...
We are using IRC yahoo chat protocol with a secondary browser window set to We are both on Mac OS with Netscape running via a dial’s 9:00pm EST...


mriver102: Hello????
cookiemalicious: Hello...Should we shake hands or something?
mriver102: Hey Cookie!!! Let's hug. Thanks for showing up
cookiemalicious: Thanks for having me. Thanks for the hug.
mriver102: So, what do you see on the july4.ny website right now?
cookiemalicious: Boats, water, the NYC skyline.
mriver102: Although it is 9:00 and the sun is down , I still see a sunset on the web cam. I can see some boats, some water, some skyscrapers...not very exciting
cookiemalicious: No fireworks yet?
mriver102: Sorry, no fireworks yet...dam this dial up....grrrrrrrrrrrr...
cookiemalicious: Try reloading. I see darkness... Easy there River. Can I get you a drink?
mriver102: ..a drink?...ummmm...okay...hey...where are you in real life?
cookiemalicious: Do mean physically? How specific?
mriver102: Yes, physically, as we sit here and enjoy the nyc sunset CM. Where are you? Do you mind if I call you cm?
cookiemalicious: I'm on a virtual date with the charming Mark River, somewhere in NYC...CM?,if you like.

mriver102: Ohhhh...okay, what are we drinking tonight?
cookiemalicious: A lovely chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Always nice on a warm summer night.
mriver102: Ummmm...very nice. Sauvignon goes well with non refreshing web cams
cookiemalicious: At least the wine is refreshing.
mriver102: LOL...I have to tell ya, I'm a little nervous....I'm sorta new to this virtual artdate thing
cookiemalicious: It's my first as well. I guess I was feeling pretty brazen when I asked.
mriver102: Well cookie, tell me about yourself...
cookiemalicious: Ummm ... I'm suddenly feeling shy start
mriver102: Shy?, yes, me to. I just tried to reloaded the site...I think they crashed
cookiemalicious: Mine's working, but it's getting very dark.
mriver102: Okay, this is my story, I make net art (MTAA). I am a fictional avatar and I'm having a nice time so far. Oh...i got the site back I think it is strange that a web cam for fireworks is pointing at the water.
cookiemalicious: Well, as a fictional person as well, I haven't come up with a fictional story, so I should try to maintain some mystery.
mriver102: Cool
cookiemalicious: I figure someone is in charge.
mriver102: In charge of the date or the web cam?
cookiemalicious: Both, I could be wrong. You know what happens when we assume...
mriver102: Hey... I know we just met on this date ... but...Do you mind if we hold hands for the rest of don’t have to...
cookiemalicious: I was hoping you would ask. Yes.
mriver102: :)
cookiemalicious: Oooh...
mriver102: So,...where were we?
cookiemalicious: Holding hands...feeling a little less nervous.
mriver102: Hey...looks like something is exploding on the screen? Can you see it?
cookiemalicious: Perhaps fireworks? I can only see the top of it.
mriver102: I don't know...I'm at 9:15 on the cam and it is 9:31 in RL. It looks like a small match light on my screen
cookiemalicious: There must be a lot of other people watching too.
mriver102: Hey cm, do you think that this is the way people will end up?
cookiemalicious: People will need much faster modems if they do.
mriver102:'s okay...we are the first
cookiemalicious: The first what?
mriver102: The first find out what it is like to watch fireworks together via the net ...well, not the VERY first.
cookiemalicious: Probably not. But we're my favorites.
mriver102: Yes...What do you see now?
cookiemalicious: Seeing the fireworks this way, we're probably missing one hell of a soundtrack. All i can see now is a dark river.
mriver102: I can hear small fireworks out side my studio big bang...dark river? no, I'm a nice boy
cookiemalicious: Outside your window? I thought I was holding your hand. Why can't I hear them?...Too many rock shows?
mriver102: Ummm...well...the net is not perfect yet...try to use your mind...
cookiemalicious: I just keep hearing you blowing in my ear.
mriver102: Oh...I thought I was being sly...sorry
cookiemalicious: Don't be. It's sweet. Shall I pour you some more wine?
mriver102: Okay...I think we are still waiting for them to start. So are you a little more relaxed? Ohhh...hey, I think they're starting...
cookiemalicious: Yes, I think that was fireworks. They're kind of far, yeah...
mriver102: yeah?
cookiemalicious: Yeah.
mriver102: Cool.....i can see them too..yippe!!!!!
cookiemalicious: I brought sparklers. Would you like one?
mriver102: Yes....i got match.
cookiemalicious: Here. Write your name with it.
mriver102: ********************************************
cookiemalicious: Write my name.
mriver102: ************COOOKIIIIE**********************
cookiemalicious: hee hee
mriver102: A toast....
cookiemalicious: What do we drink to?
mriver102: To web cams, chat windows and us...cheers
cookiemalicious: Cheers....AhhhhhOoooooooo...Fireworks.
mriver102: Oh yes, and to summer...cheers
cookiemalicious: Cheers. To holding hands...Cheers.
mriver102: Yes, holding hands while we type...Yes....and America...not all of it but most of it
cookiemalicious: Not all of it, Just the good parts!
mriver102: ...just the good parts...clink
cookiemalicious: Clink.
mriver102: is nice...could we go out again sometime?
cookiemalicious: We've toasted enough that I'm feeling a little more relaxed. You?...Oh. Sorry to interrupt. I would love to.
mriver102: Yes...more relaxed (*sigh*)
cookiemalicious: Is that a happy sigh?

mriver102: Yes...hey I should go...met you online later?
cookiemalicious: A sigh at the sublime beauty of fireworks?
mriver102: Just a happy sigh
cookiemalicious: Yes please. So, you'll ... um ... call me?
mriver102: Sure...goodnight cm, I had a nice time...xx
cookiemalicious: I did too...ohhhh, a good night kiss. XOXOXO
mriver102: hmmmmmmm....cut tape...fade to black


cookiemalicious: Was that OK? Fade to black? Great, it's dark. Can we make out now?

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