Attention: If you are siting in a dark room alone or perhaps with some "like minded" people and you find yourself reading these words... you might want to start making some sort of small noise. You might think about starting with a polite cough, or hand clapping, or maybe some sort of whistle. As you start to make some noise, you might want to think about standing. When you stand up, you might think about running outside into street. If you find yourself out In the street, you might find other "like minded" people running around. As everyone runs around, you and your new friends might want to talk about all running in the same general direction. If you can all agree on a destination, you might want to all talk about what to do once you get there. Okay, maybe you're not ready to start all of this right now. It's okay, I understand. Please, think about it. It might do some good. Time is running out. Thank you.