(the 3mb Annexation), 2000

In the winter of 2000, MTAA participated in a group show entitled "BI Virtue" at "Star 67", a small artist-run gallery in Brooklyn, NY. They decided to "extend" the gallery's exhibition space by 3mb of server space. They set up a email account under the name "" with the password being "annex". Their goal was to fill the 3mb of server space with email artworks by the end of the show. They began to fill the box by sending 10 online artists the account name and password as a "VIP Previews". Each day they would give one artist access to the account.

Yael Kanarek, invited net artist; "I wasn't sure if i should do it, but since they gave out the name and password I did. Now I feel guilty. Did I ruin the piece?"

On the day of the opening, they released the account information on and In the physical gallery they installed a computer. Above the computer hung a large c-print with information about the project and the account information.

One month later, after successfully filling the email account with 3mb of artworks, someone changed the password. After years of waiting for the release of the stolen art, they have finally accepted that the viewer@star67 project has been destroyed. They have kept the original website interface as a document of the project:

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