Dear Faithful One...

The following is a list of ten titles for Future Kraft Cults. They are to be used as funnels for your pent up desires. They are made with your UTOPIC/DYSTOPIC needs in mind. Please visit the shrine sites listed below. You may join one and only one of the following cults. After joining a FKC, please consider members of other cults misguided if not heretics.


Note: Only the shrine sites with a green colored links are open for ALL VISITORS at this time. If the shrine you desire is not available, please return at a later date or contact
//Goddesses Ov Brooklyn//
++Church of God Hates Blondes 2000++
**Universal Haus de CODE 2001**
):Burning Spam :(
[[Temple of Zero One 2000]]
~~Desktop Portal Sect 2001~~
::Our Lady of FTP 2000::
##Order of the One True Link ##
Disclaimer: The Future Kraft Cults are models for behaviors.
It is only through active participation and interaction that a FKC may become officially recognized religions.